Like iTunes Store For DJs

DanceFuel ( is a digital music store that’s sort of like the iTunes Store for DJs.

What makes the site unique is that they offer mp3 downloads of electronic music with Key and Code info designed to make the tracks Harmonic Mixing Ready”. “Harmonic Mixing Ready” tracks are now available in the Top 100 and in the Category’s Top 10, and is planned to be available for the full 110,000 tack catalog.

About Harmonic Mixing

Harmonic mixing is the natural evolution after beat matching/mixing, consisting of mixing in compatible keys (notes). With the latest audio analysing software like Mixed in Key or using dedicated DJ mixing software with harmonic classification such as MixMeister, you can avoid sour mixes caused by clashing melodies, as the “master key note” is previewed on the track info.

When used properly, this info can help the DJ mix long overlays (on any DJ setup or software) without relying on percussion or “free beats”.

Key and Code classification facilitate choosing tracks for a set, if you’re interested in limiting your search to tracks in related keys and tempos.

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