NeoSynth, Synth-On-A-Card For CME Keyboard Controllers

WaveIdea has introduced NeoSynth24, an synth-on-a-card expansion board for CME keyboards (UF and VX series).

NeoSynth24 features a built in sound bank (64 MBytes/256 Mbits) that can be updated at your convenience. Various sound banks are available (General MIDI standard instruments set, Grand Piano style, Hip Hop style, Techno/House style, R&B style, etc). Multiple sound banks are available on SD Cards that can be ordered separately. These SD Cards are then used to upgrade the on board instruments, once upgraded the SD Card can be removed from its slot.


  • All available sound banks are high quality sampled instruments, from 16 to 24 bits resolution, up to 96 kHz sampling frequency.
  • NeoSynth24 on board powerful DSP allows up to 124 voices of polyphony
  • MIDI /USB expander
  • Up to 124 voices of polyphony
  • Built-in FX engines
  • Up to 64 MB sound bank
  • Updatable sound banks from SD Card
  • Various music styles available
  • USB MIDI class compliant (no driver)
  • 24 bits / 48 kHz audio paths
  • Main stereo audio output (24bits D/A)
  • Auxiliary stereo audio output (24bits D/A)
  • Headphones output
  • Analog stereo audio input (24bits A/D)
  • S/PDIF stereo audio input/output
  • Available for both UF & VX keyboards
  • Large MIDI implementation

Pricing is TBA. More information is available at the WaveIdea site.

10 thoughts on “NeoSynth, Synth-On-A-Card For CME Keyboard Controllers

  1. Too bad the SD cards are in a proprietary format. I would have considered buying one had I been able to load my own sounds as PCM wave, or even with a conversion utility.

  2. hi dear sir/maddam

    i have just buy a cme uf24 i wish to buy a /// neosynth24.//// i have tride to buy. a neosyth from the uk supplers. www. and thay say thar are not going to sell supply me with one as thay are not going to stok them????. yet thay. are on the internet saying thay sell.??? them, thay have told me to buy direct from cme. when you go to the wave idia web side it shows u the neosynth24. when you try to buy the neosynth24 it will not let you buy. one??? yet thay are met to be uk supplers ?? i rang them to but a neosynth24 and thay told me thay are not going to stoke them .??? please can u help me with this. as i would like to upgrade my cme uf7 keybord. can you sell me one or is the some one eles in the wold that can suppy me with a/// neosynth24//// many thanks andy [email protected] /[email protected]

    andy harrison
    12 north hayes court

  3. I asked about Neosynth availability on the Waveidea forum a couple of months ago and mid-October was tenuously slated. I hit their website looking for news occasionally but I can’t find any updates – although CME are never quick out of the blocks! I also think that the closed-format thing probably isn’t the brightest idea anyone’s ever had and if I was buying a synth expansion card I’d like a little more thrown in than just a GM soundset. Depending on the quality of the hardware I’d probably be happy to pay a little more if the package included an editor so I could roll myown soundbanks, rather than rely on a company that updates it’s site once per milennium.

  4. Postscript:
    I just took a look at the Waveidea online shop. Out of four listed products, two have been discontinued and one is out of stock. Oh dear.

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