Make Music On Mac, PC Or Your iPhone With Mixtikl

Intermorphic has announced Mixtikl, an upcoming music program that works on PC and Mac (VST/AU plugin, as well as standalone; on PDAs, and on cell phones.

Here’s what we know about MixTikl. You’ll be able to use MixTikl to :

  • Capture/Mix/Work on content on the move on your mobile; finesse on desktop using plug-in later; move back to mobile whenever you want.
  • Use loops, midi, generative music and modular synthesis for your sound palette.
  • Perform music on your mobile with the powerful ‘Perform’ application.
  • Play generative music on your mobile, using the integrated Noatikl engine.
  • Create quick mixes, and mix and match sounds (yours, or in add-on Tiklpaks) with the ‘Remix’ application.
  • Pitch shift your loops and apply realtime FX.
  • Act as VST or AU plugin in your VST/AU enabled sequencer.


Mixtikl will come in a number of variants for both Windows and Mac OSX PCs, and mobile devices. More details on these and their feature mix will follow over the coming months.

For Windows and Mac OS X, there will plug-in versions for e.g. Logic (Audio Unit [AU]), Sonar (VSTi), Cubase (VSTi), Ableton Live (VSTi), Reaper (VSTi) etc. as well as a standalone version for where there is no suitable plugin variant, e.g. Pro Tools.

For mobile, there will be versions at launch for Windows Mobile 5/6, followed by by versions for iPhone and iTouch, Series 60 V2/3, and Antix Game Player.

The above screenshot is of the Performer mode, which allows mixing of up to 12 tracks of MIDI/Audio loops/Noatikl generatve music/mic recordings.

More screenshots are available at the Intermorphic site.

Launch date is set for the end of October, and more info will be provided closer to launch.

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