Jean-Michel Jarre Apple Interview

Awesome Synthopia reader Anya Graham translated a recent Jean-Michel Jarre interview for us, and I thought it would be great to share. Thanks Anya!

The intervew has a strong Apple focus, but is still interesting for its insight into how this synth music pioneer uses current technolog:

You’ve used Apple products for a long time, which models do you use?

I’ve been a big fan of Apple since they began! I have a Mac Pro and a Power Mac G5 in my recording studio, a Mac Pro at home and I’m inseperable from my 15” MacBook. On top of that, I have two iPhones and several iPods, I like to keep hold of the older models. At the moment, I’m very tempted by the MacBook Air. I tell you, it’s a passion…

How do you use them in everyday life?

Macs are an integral part of my life. In the studio, I use the Mac Pro for recording. My MacBook Pro comes everywhere with me. I use it to compose and produce bits here and there, on the plane between Paris and Beijing, notably for my album “Aero”. I love the iPhone, it’s a great handheld computer. I use it for reading emails, watching video, listenin to audio, as a telephone of course and I’m waiting impatiently for the next developments.

As a musician, do you use Logic Pro and GarageBand?

I use Logic Pro a lot. Everything is integrated, there’s no external interface, it’s fantastic. I use it as a large sequencer, it’s like the nerve centre of the recording process. I also have it installed on my MacBook Pro. I’ll be going on tour soon and I’ll be able to continue working on my next album. I use GarageBand too, particularly as a notepad to write down all my musical ideas.

What attracts you most about Apple that you can’t find elsewhere?

I find that there’s a unity between the programs. The way of working is the same in all domains: images, word processing, audio, putting things together… becoming familiar with another Apple program is therefore made easy. The whole iLife suite applies this idea of simplification. It’s an important specification of Apple. I’m also sensitive to the aesthetic approach and the link between the the looks and how this relates to what’s actually going on. As a musician, I develop an affectionate rapport with my instrument. And I find that Apple reflects this with all its software, and offers its users the possibility to react in a more emotional manner. There is a trend to replace the keyboard and mouse with the real sense of touch that came with analogue equipment. I found this idea reoccurring in the iPhone which is for me a true revolution.

How do you use Apple’s hardware in you recordings?

The Mac has a privileged function at the heart of all my projects, audio or visual. The Power Mac G5 serves specifically for studio work at all stages of the recording: mixing, production to the final mastering. One can compare it to an airport: it’s the place where everything’s comes and everything leaves again.

What is your method of working in the studio?

Obviously, I have my work habits. I love the trackpad, I’m left-handed and I find that it’s more practical than a mouse. I like having two screens, even at home, and network all my machines, it makes it easier to work more on the same project. I really appreciate Apple’s mindset and I hope they’ll continue to do their thing.

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