Yaz Live Concert Review

Yaz was only around for two years (82-83), but it the music it made in that short time period has had a huge impact on synth pop.

Now, Yaz is on tour for the first time in 25 years and getting good reviews:

Moyet’s deep, husky and sensual voice seems, at least on paper, an unlikely companion to Clarke’s cool electro blizzard. Yet, the two ended up meshing so perfectly on record, combining at times to create a sound best described as techno blues. Moyet, however, was in her early 20s when Yaz made its two albums and there were legitimate concerns that the vocalist, now 47, wouldn’t be able to handle her signature vocal parts as convincingly in 2008.

Although she has lost some of her range, Moyet still managed to impress in Oakland as she soared through “Goodbye ’70s,” “In My Room” and “Walk Away From Love.”

The bald-headed Clarke was robotically business-like, never addressing the crowd and rarely looking up from his expensive gadgets. Moyet showed more life, especially toward the end of the concert as she danced about the front of the stage. The real show, however, was in the crowd, as fans gyrated exuberantly to the two songs that everyone was waiting to hear: “Don’t Go” and “Situation.”

This could be your only chance to see Yaz perform. If you catch the show, let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Remaining shows:

10 July Los Angeles, CA Orpheum Theatre [sold out]
11 July Los Angeles, CA Orpheum Theatre [sold out]
14 July Chicago, IL Chicago Theater
16 July New York, NYC Terminal 5 [sold out]
17 July New York, NYC Terminal 5 [sold out]
19 July New York, NYC Beacon Theatre
20 July Washington, DC 9:30 Club
22 July Dallas, TX Lakewood Theatre
24 July Cosra Mesca, CA OC Fair / Pacific Amphitheater

3 thoughts on “Yaz Live Concert Review

  1. I just caught the show this past Monday in Chicago…and all I can say is WOW! She still has the chops and vince is just a genious. Really brought me back to my teenage years until I looked out over the audience and noticed that the fans are not what they used to be…older, heavier, and balder. I asked myself..when did “new wavers” start wearing dockers and polo shirts??? To be 15 again!!!

  2. Caught the show in NYC on July 19th. WOW – what fun! The crowd LOVED it. Moyet still has quite a voice. Glad she danced around and had more fun towards the end…it fed the audience. Although older, I could see the “inner new waver” in the concert goers. Waited 24 years for the opportunity to bop around at a Yaz concert…glad I saw them.

  3. I was fortunate enough to catch 2 shows at the Orpheum in Los Angeles (Tuesday & Friday) and their last show of the tour last night in Costa Mesa. One word describes all 3 shows I attended; AMAZING! It was such a wonderful experience and one that I’d been hoping for my entire teenage-to-adult life. Yaz(oo) was a band that left the fans wanting more. Of course, most Yaz(oo) fans went on to support Alison’s solo career and Vince Clarke’s other efforts, most notably Erasure, but deep-down we were always hoping they would reunite to give the fans the pleasure of listening to this wonderful band live. It was a magical experience and one I will treasure throughout my lifetime. Yaz(oo) fans truly embraced this tour; they were greeted by die-hard fans who meant every word when singing the lyrics to “Don’t Go.”

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