Glad Dog Software Intros MIDI Virtuoso V1.0, Piano And Guitar Editions

Glad Dog Software has released MIDI Virtuoso Guitar Edition for Windows and MIDI Virtuoso Piano Edition for Windows, software sequencers focused on simplifying the creation of complex musical parts.

“We wanted to provide a simpler method for the recording or performing musician to flesh out and play complex, fluid MIDI-based parts,” says David Smith, founder of Glad Dog Software. “The traditional sequencing methodology of painting notes, starting the timeline and listening is not an active method. Many musicians have expressed the need for simpler and more controllable alternatives.”

MIDI Virtuoso for Windows is available in two editions, the Guitar and Piano editions. Each edition costs $29.95 (US). MIDI Virtuoso software may be purchased securely online at Save-disabled 15-use trial versions can be downloaded from the same website.


The musician, using patent pending Every Key and Trill Pane technologies, “becomes the timeline”; the musician is in complete control of the musical rendering of the notes in a MIDI part, after sequencing. Timing, duration, and modulation of pre-sequenced notes are controlled in real time. A MIDI keyboard, computer keyboard and/or mouse can be used to control MIDI rendering of a sequence and to impart the nuances of real time performance.

Designed with the recording musician in mind, MIDI Virtuoso can be live-played into digital audio workstation projects, using a virtual MIDI cable, and rendered via virtual instruments. MIDI Virtuoso is useful in live performance situations when a laptop is placed in the MIDI path, either as the main controller or as a translator between keyboard/controller and sound module.

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