Using Theremin To Control Audio & Video

This number samples the Hammer classic movie The Devil Rides Out (1968), mixing it with Willow’s Song from that other British occult classic The Wicker Man (Paul Giovanni, 1973), and features an interesting use of the theremin to control both audio and video.

From a live performance of Spacedog‘s latest set at the Blank Gallery, Brighton, June 2008.

The lineup: Jenny Angliss, Sarah Angliss, Mike Blow, Ben Kypreos and Colin Uttley.
Mind control courtesy the hypnotic voice of the great Charles Gray. The very first sample is from a 1950s Parakeet training record.

Technical details:

The Hammer samples you are hearing are being scrubbed (i.e. speed controlled) live using the theremin. Sarah (the thereminist) has devised a Max/MSP patch that enables her to do so – this also scrubs the video live. Mike (in the green tee-shirt) is cueing in the samples as the song progresses.

via SpacedogTelevisor

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