Free Drum And Bass Sound Pack For Ableton Live 7

Percussa has released a free sound pack that contains 30 Drum and Bass style sounds in WAV format, from Loopmaster’s Artist Series of sound libraries, and a premapped Ableton Live 7 set for AudioCubes.

Also – don’t miss our drum n bass AudioCubes demo video.


In contrast to the standard demo which is included with software updates and which focuses on simplicity and getting started, this Live set goes much deeper, mapping multiple effects, providing easy shortcuts into song structure for the performer, and includes color sequences for the cubes.

AudioCubes are a collection of intelligent cubes which make music together, depending on their physical location. They are unique spatial controllers that empower intuitive interactions with your audience, your music and your instruments. AudioCubes work with Ableton Live, Propellerheads Reason, and many other MIDI compatible products.

6 thoughts on “Free Drum And Bass Sound Pack For Ableton Live 7

  1. i can make wicked beats and i could make music that would blow you away no joke buti dont have a piano or drums or bells or anything lol

  2. Fuck that shit. Get some VSTs and make your own beats. Live presets aren’t too great, but with plug-ins like Kontakt and Battery, you’ll be good to go. Another great idea is to look up a free VST, and render your own samples. Premade loops are for untalented bitches!

  3. Hey whats up guys. Im looking for a free voice modifyer or a good but free modulator for dark and evil voice to put in my tracks 🙂 would help alot

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