New Release Explores Spoken Word Through Electronica

Spoken Wor(l)d’: In Celebration of Human Speech is the debut album of Peruvian electronic music artist Phileas.

Phileas describes it as an electronic music celebration of human diversity through speech and language.

Phileas spent three years wandering the globe collecting voice samples in more than 30 languages.

Phileas has been experimenting with human speech for 10 years, since working for LOT, a Peruvian theatre company that focused on spoken word performances. In his music, the voice is used just as others might use an instrument: the meaning of the words is less important than the sound that they make.

Citing influences as diverse as Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk & Daft Punk, Phileas says Spoken Wor(l)d “is a positive message about the diversity and similarity of the people of this world”.

You can preview the album at Phileas’ site.

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