M-Audio Updates Torq DJ Software

M-Audio has updated Torq DJ software to v1.0.7 for Windows XP SP2, Vista (32-bit) and Mac OS X, including support for Mac OS X Leopard.

This latest update delivers several enhancements such as improved database searching, better browser performance and new dialog boxes for quick access to important information.


  • Windows Support for both XP Service Pack 2 and Vista (32bit)
  • Mac (Leopard) OSX 10.5.3 and 10.5.4 support added.
  • General increases in performance and application stability under load and over time.
  • Improvements made to Database searching and browser handling.
  • New Dialog Boxes added to indicate when Adding Files to the Database.
  • Added support of Y/Enter keys and N/Esc keys will answer all Yes / No option dialogs.
  • Effects gain preferences are now customizable.
  • Each effect now has an individual makeup gain setting in the TorqEngine.prefs file. A few effects, such as Flanger, Phaser, and Band-Pass filter, have louder default levels in this version. If you prefer to keep the original volumes, set all levels to 1.0 in the prefs file. Each effect should be loaded in Torq, before the setting will appear in the preference file.
  • Tempo sensitive effect parameters now respond under External Control.
  • Tempo-sensitive effects now follow the tempo of songs under external control. Note: In order to full realize this improvement with the Repeater Effect, you must keep the song’s tempo constant for the first 2 bars after engaging the Repeater, after which the effect will follow any tempo changes you make via external control (i.e. Vinyl or CD timecode).
  • Run-out Protection on CD Timecode accuracy improved.
  • PTMP and Torq ReWire implementation improved.

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  1. The screenshot in this news is totally wrong, Torq 1.0.7 is not Torq 1.5 that will be release only in the summer of 2009.

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