Richie Hawtin (Plastikman) On Organizing Digital Music For DJing

“There’s nothing worse than knowing what you want to play but not being able to find it,” says DJ Richie Hawtin in a interview at BeatPortal. “The only way to really keep on top of all the music these days is multiple levels of organization and it’s good to go back and revisit the music from time to time to reorganize and restructure.”

“From March to June so much new music comes out in that period and it’s easy to miss some real gems, so it’s important to keep going through your folders revisiting the music that you have just in case there’s something you missed the first time around.

“I organize my music in folders on my computer labeled by the date that they are transferred onto my performance harddrive, sometimes using an event name also in the folder name,”

“At the beginning of the year I start out with about three or four new folders, but now there are about 26 folders which is making things a lot harder!

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