WTF? Ministry Of Sound Now MSHK Group

Ministry of Sound, best known for its nightclub business, live events & music label, has changed its name to MSHK Group.

According to the company, “Ministry of Sound is renaming itself MSHK Group to reflect its many brands and its proven diversified business model.”

I don’t know about this switch: “Ministry of Sound” sounds awesomely cool. MSHK Group sounds sort of like an accounting firm, doesn’t it?

Ministry of Sound is known for HedKandi, Ministry of Sound, Global Underground and Euphoria music brands.

The company’s expanded into so many brands, though, that it’s becoming less about electronic and dance music and more about marketing. They’ve got a successful line of branded camping gear, of all things.

“Being the world leaders in dance music has established a great platform for us, but given changing times we have needed to grow our business into complimentary areas,” says Lohan Presencer, CEO. “I have always wanted to make a reality of the much talked about 360_ model, rather than the usual rhetoric based on unworkable and expensive deals, and at MSHK we are in the unique position of having achieved this. We have a whole raft of developing ideas, including launches of our new range of Hedkandi haircare products and fragrances, which will be coming to fruition over the next year, and it is a tremendously exciting time to be taking control of the group.”

One thought on “WTF? Ministry Of Sound Now MSHK Group

  1. Wow. We’re getting old when we see things like this happen, eh? 🙂

    But from a business standpoint, things like this happen; once you finally get a name established, the doors open for marketing potential, as in their makeup line (which is just odd anyway).

    This could be a good opportunity for someone like AVB (yes, Armin, who could get enough industry pull & investment capital to get started) to come in and basically start where MoS left off, eh? 🙂

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