Ableton Announces 14-Day Live 7 Trial Version

Ableton has announced that Ableton Live 7 is now available to use free for 14 days.

This is a nice opportunity to test drive Live 7, if you haven’t already, or to check out the new Ableton instruments.

To try out the demo, download the trial version, and submit your email via the online form. Ableton will send an unlock key.

You will be able to choose between using just Ableton Live 7 or Live 7 with instruments.

Note: Each session requires connecting to the Ableton server to activate saving and exporting.

via HarmonyCentral

3 thoughts on “Ableton Announces 14-Day Live 7 Trial Version

  1. pthbbt. i finally gave up on live today, on plunked down on a copy of logic. there are a tone of features unique to live that i will sorely miss, but i can’t deal with the live clock’s I/O issues anymore. it had steadily gone downhill since 6 came out, and 7 is even worse.

    live is great is you play alone, but i can’t keep a steady signal anymore sharing a signal with my bandmates no matter what i do. logic is plain solid. so is any other daw for that matter… i just can’t figure out how they managed to f*ck that up so badly.

    i hope ableton gets their issues worked out – i’d be happy to come back some day, but they have embarrassed me for the last time.

  2. Amoeba – how can you replace Live with Logic?

    Logic is great and the price is fantastic, but it’s a different animal than Live.

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