Chemical Brothers Awesome Midnight Madness Video

The Chemical Brothers have released this awesomely freaky parcour-style video for the track Midnight Madness, from their upcoming greatest hits compilation Brotherhood, set for release Sept. 1st, 2008.

Brotherhood is made up of 2 discs. The first is a collection of 13 singles from the band’s back catalog, and new track Keep My Composure which features Baltimore’s Spank Rock.

The 2nd disc will feature exclusively Electronic Battle Weapons 1-10.

Since 1996 Electronic Battle Weapons have acted as the laboratories for The Chems musical experiments and laid the rhythmic and melodic foundations for numerous tracks as well as providing some of the duos most formidable mixes. This is the first time they have been widely available.

Brotherhood will be preceded by the digital download single Midnight Madness on 4th August 2008.


CD 1
01 “Galvanize” (Radio Edit) (from Push The Button)
02 “Hey Boy Hey Girl” (from Surrender)
03 “Block Rockin’ Beats” (from Dig Your Own Hole)
04 “Do It Again” (Edit) (from We Are The Night)
05 “Believe” (Edit) (from Push The Button)
06 “Star Guitar” (Edit) (from Come With Us)
07 “Let Forever Be” (featuring Noel Gallagher) (from Surrender) – 3:56
08 “Leave Home” (from Exit Planet Dust)
09 “Keep My Composure” (featuring Spank Rock)
10 “Saturate” (from We Are the Night)
11 “Out Of Control” (Radio Edit) (from Surrender)
12 “Midnight Madness” – 4:00
13 “The Golden Path” (featuring The Flaming Lips) (Edit) (from Singles 93-03) – 3:59
14 “Setting Sun” (featuring Noel Gallagher) (Radio Edit) (from Dig Your Own Hole) – 4:00
15 “Chemical Beats” (from Exit Planet Dust) – 4:02

CD 2
01″Electronic Battle Weapon 1″ (version of “It Doesn’t Matter” from Dig Your Own Hole)
02 “Electronic Battle Weapon 2” (version of “Don’t Stop the Rock” from Dig Your Own Hole)
03 “Electronic Battle Weapon 3” (version of “Under the Influence” from Surrender)
04 “Electronic Battle Weapon 4” (“Freak of the Week”, from the single “Music: Response”)
05 “Electronic Battle Weapon 5” (version of “It Began in Afrika” from Come With Us)
06 “Electronic Battle Weapon 6” (remix of “Hoops” from Come With Us)
07 “Electronic Battle Weapon 7” (“Acid Children” from the single “Galvanize”)
08 “Electronic Battle Weapon 8” (version of “Saturate” from We Are the Night)
09 “Electronic Battle Weapon 9”
10 “Electronic Battle Weapon 10” (version of “Midnight Madness”)

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