Tone2 Announces Warmverb Modular Multi Effect Plugin

Tone2 has announced Warmverb, a modular effects plug-in.


Do you want to route a reverb through a flanger and use an LFO to high pass filter your sound back into a vocoder? Warmverb gives you the flexibility to program and combine effect chains using high quality effects and up to four effects per multi-effect program. A separate feedback module uses the output of the four effect modules and routes the signal back into the input to create extensive feedback effects.

Included effects:

  • Reverb small, Reverb large and Reverb ultra
  • Delay, Ping pong and Ping pong filter
  • Chorus, Ensemble, Flanger, Stereo flanger, Superstrings, Phaser and Stereo Phaser
  • Low pass, Band pass, High pass and Talkbox
  • Vocoder and Vocoder L-R
  • Tubeamp, Transistor, Presence, Hardclip, Bitcrush and Waveshape
  • Rotary, Surround enc, Tremelo and Autopan
  • Stereo enhance and Stereoizer
  • Ringmod
  • Pitch shifter

One thought on “Tone2 Announces Warmverb Modular Multi Effect Plugin

  1. damn, Windows only… looks nice though. That said, could probably emulate the same effect in Live with a chain of effects anyway, though not in such a pretty looking way.

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