Vangelis’ Sex Power

A short segment from Sex Power – a forgotten 1970 movie that Vangelis did the soundtrack for.

“Sex-Power (L’homme coeur) is a film about what happens when imagination takes over. It is the story of a boy (Alain Noury) in search of himself and of the real meaning of freedom: a twenty-year-old face to face with Woman, with Love.”

While this movie has been largely forgotten, it’s easy to hear elements of Vangelis’ style, pre-synth.

Sex Power Tracks

  • Introduction [0:26]
  • Movement one [3:15] MP3 soundclip of Movement one [3:00]
  • Movement two [2:51]
  • Movement three [3:10]
  • Movement four [3:15]
  • Movement five [3:34]
  • Movement six [1:56]
  • Movement seven [8:12]
  • Movement eight [3:19]
  • Movement nine [1:31]
  • Movement ten [2:29]

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