Five Free WordPress Plugins For Musicians

WordPress is a great blogging platform and is popular with musicians for building music websites.

Out of the box, it does 90% of the stuff you’ll need to build a music site. Here are some free add-ons, though, that can handle the rest.

Five Free WordPress Plugins For Musicians

  • Gigs Calendar – This plugin is geared toward bands and musicians to manage and display a calendar of their gigs within WordPress. It’s meant to be as easy as possible for both the musician and the fan. It even manages venue data complete with mapping and ticket links.
  • Discography – Musicians need a way to easily organize information about their music. This plugin exists to do just that. It lets you publish a list of albums and auto-generates a WordPress page for each song, so that fans can comment, save links to your songs and share them with friends.
  • Audio Player – Audio Player provides you with a simple way of inserting a stylish Flash mp3 player on your WordPress posts and pages.
  • PodPress – if you want to release MP3s and have them not only downloadable from your site, but also as a podcast, PodPress can make it easy to manage within WordPress.
  • MySpace Crossposter – a WordPress plugin that cross-publishes all of your WordPress blog entries to your MySpace blog. This lets you keep a current MySpace profile without any extra work. Users of the plugin have the option of publishing a notification or a whole story to MySpace.

Are you using WordPress for a music site? Let me know if you’ve got other suggestions for WordPress plugins for musicians.

3 thoughts on “Five Free WordPress Plugins For Musicians

  1. i have an idea for a plugin which is useful for musicians who use the last fm platform to cross link music files.

    Last fm removed a feature when they released the new site which i used regularly (embed code for each track on the site).

    I have worked out what the plugin needs to do, but its a little long to post here, so ill provide a link to my original post on wordpress forums.

    please email me if youre interested, i have a few ideas for the plugin, but i have no coding experience.


    (posted it in two places)

    i hope you might find this interesting, or see the use for it.

    kind regards!

  2. This keeps commercial developers on their toes!

    There are already open source options for software synths, DAWs & DJ software – but commercial music apps, in most cases, still offer better stability, capability and ease of use.

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