Get Proteus VX For Windows For Free

E-MU has announced that the full version of the Proteus VX Software Sound Module software is now available as a free download.  The download (registration requried) includes the enhanced v2.0.1 Proteus X Composer Bank (a special E-MU tweaked version of the Composer bank) that can be used in all versions of the Proteus X or Emulator X software.

Proteus VX is not copy-protected or card-locked like other versions of E-MU’s instrument and sampling software, and can be used either as a VSTi or in stand alone mode on Windows (Proteus VX will install and function for most users on Windows Vista but is only officially tested and supported for Windows XP).

Proteus VX was previously only available as part of the “E-MU Production Tools Software Bundle” which is included with various E-MU hardware products.

6 thoughts on “Get Proteus VX For Windows For Free

  1. Not too good on Win 7 64 bit. Installs ok, loads and plays individual presets but will not load / save entire banks when used as stand alone. As a VSTi I can’t get it to load even presets. Shame I had high hopes.

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