4 thoughts on “Ladytron Runaway Video

  1. Stylistically and visual design-wise, they are clever at matching like shapes (triangular synth shot at an angle and the form of the guitar).
    The diagonals build visually, but the song doesn’t build.

    Maybe they were going for a tribute to early 80’s Brit invasion content, dunno. Not as strong musically as visually.

  2. Well, Ladytron is here to stem the tide of ‘Dork Rock’ that has infected
    the US. The song has a ‘buildup hook’ as opposed to a ‘riff’ and maybe
    that’s why you didn’t dig it right away. Hear it again, it is a beautiful
    song. Ladytron, The Knife, Goldfrapp, it’s all good, and it sure beats
    all the whiny pseudo-emo indie wannabe crap that has infected the
    Hollywood scene…

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