Livid Instruments Ohm VJ Instrument Review

Livid Ohm Wood

Last year, we covered the introduction of the Livid Instruments Ohm DJ/VJ controller, and asked “Is this the coolest DJ controller yet?”.

It looks like the answer is yes, at least for VJs. This month’s Remix magazine has a review of the Livid Ohm, and they call it a “one-stop shop for trigger-happy VJs”:

“The Ohm/Union combo addresses an artist’s need to get down to the business of live visual performance without having to reinvent the wheel. Its developers recognized the desire for more spontaneity in video art and were determined to put the “real” back in “real time.”

The beauty of the Ohm/Union setup is once you get past the threshold of basic operation, the process of creating art becomes more physical and performance oriented rather than analytical or laborious. You feel more connected to the tools. For people wanting to jump in and make sweet-looking visuals, this hardware/software combo is equipped with enough bells and whistles to entertain for hours on end and at a reasonable price (try the demo available at Livid’s site). But with the ability to expand its capabilities, for example through Elements and FreeFrame plug-ins, as well as sophisticated sound–triggering and infinitely adaptable effects, the Ohm/Union combo will go as far as your imagination takes you.”

The Ohm is a high-quality MIDI instrument designed for real-time audio and video performance. It’s backlit for use in any environment, and comes in rugged rackmount metal or handcrafted mahogany. It’s priced at $790, which is reasonable for the combination of a high-end control surface plus software.

More details here and at the Livid site.

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