Carl Craig Versus Les Siècles Orchestra

Les Siècles orchestra is teaming up with pioneering techno DJ Carl Craig on October 18th for a unique musical experience at the Cité de la Musique in Paris, France.

Versus is a unique event, bringing together an original mix of big names from a range of musical horizons, united by the desire to create and celebrate alternative sounds. The fruit of four years of passionate exchange, Versus offers audiences the chance to explore a variety of works and styles from a new perspective, inventing an entirely different way of listening to music.

The program will feature one of the founding works of the electro scene, “City Life” by Steve Reich, and a more recent piece, “Streets” by Bruno Mantovani, one of the leading lights of the “new gen” of French composers, completed by six works from Carl Craig.

Craig’s finely balanced and constantly changing techno sound was the first to be fused and fermented with other musical genres. As a sign of his musical maturity, and the realization of a personal dream, Craig will grasp the Versus nettle to combine his own style with an orchestral form and language.

His works will be arranged by Francesco Tristano. Thanks to the openness and depth of his style, this pianist has imposed his unique sound, which juggles classical and contemporary sounds for both improvised and composed works, with incredible ease.

Les Siècles, directed and created by François-Xavier Roth, is a group of young musicians who feel at home with both classical and more modern instruments. This orchestra draws its inspiration from several centuries of musical creation.

Berlin producer Moritz Von Oswald will also offer fans a rhythmic arrangement and a new piece co-written with Carl Craig.

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