Free Looper For Mac & PC From Livid

Livid Instruments has released Livid Looper, free, open source audio manipulation software for Mac & PC. Designed to emphasize simplicity and hands-on control, short loops of audio can be sliced, diced, scrambled, and transformed with built-in and VST effects.

“Since we released our Ohm MIDI controller, we have had a dramatic increase in DJs, laptop musicians, and producers using our products”, says Jay Smith, Founder and President of Livid Instruments. “With the introduction of Looper, now we have both audio and video software titles made specifically for real-time performance, tightly integrated with our MIDI hardware.”

The colorful, illustrated interface is designed to inspire the artist, the simple rules provide for never-ending complexity, collaboration on a network makes computer music social, and the open source distribution keeps it mutating and alive. MIDI learn is available for any control, and simple knobs provide complete control over the sound of any loop.

Livid Looper is designed from the ground up to be networked and collaborated on. Native OpenSoundControl messaging means you can collaborate with multiple computers on separate interfaces controlling a single server computer. Free of charge and open source, Livid allows complete access to all the workings of the software to extend and change it as they wish.

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