ProRemote Controls Pro Tools With Your iPhone

I’m not sure why you’d want to do this, but ProRemote is an iPhone app that lets you control Pro Tools.

ProRemote has been submitted to the AppStore. The price for the full edition is $149.99 US, the light edition is $39.99.

Here’s a link to a demo with audio.

If you’re a Pro Tools, let me know if you can see spending $150 on a program that lets you control Pro Tools with an iPhone.

4 thoughts on “ProRemote Controls Pro Tools With Your iPhone

  1. I don’t use Pro Tools, but the main reason I can see people using this is just to do some major tweaks while they are in a sound booth or in the middle of some tedious setup. To be able to keep working on a track in some meaningful way with the instruments instead of having to go back to the computer is worth some cash.

    And I just realized that this would be great for people who get distracted by the internet and all of the capabilities of computers (like myself), it could make the software more a piece of hardware in the background.

    That said, I really think iPhone apps should be cheaper than this. Do they want a few people with Pro Tools to buy it, or every single Pro Tools owner?

  2. or for free I could get vmc lite, and controll my protools with that…. or wait for somebody else to write a program similar to this that knows something about economics, supply, demand, etc… Great idea buddy, but looking at your sales numbers, you need lessons in business…

  3. It’s a pretty good deal when you consider the prices of hardware that does the same thing. It’s maybe not for a small home studio based around a synth and a laptop but if you are using a medium/large project studio on your own then I can see some sense in it.

    I often take my wireless keyboard with me to the other side of the room, or even a nearby room, to control transport and I’ve wished I had a screen I could take as well. Certainly I could imagine using it to record when you can’t be in the control room to also act as tape op – that could be drums or vocals, or it could even be something like foley or ADR.

    From what I’ve read about this the guy who wrote it started with the framework and worked up

  4. This is my take on it.

    I think that it would be really cool to be able to control my DAW from say a drum kit. At the moment recording drums means I take the Macbook, Mbox and stuff to the kit and hope that I don’t need my floor tom so I can have a place to put it all. Now with this app, that would be SO friggin shweet not having to take my studio apart just to lay down a filler on the drums. I could control it from behind the kit.

    Another reason I can see this being useful is due to the current position of my desk. I constantly have to push my chair back and and turn to face my monitors. The speakers sit on my left side cause of the shelf. Anyways, it makes it a little hard to mix when I move, so maybe this app would save me additional headaches by not having to roll my ass back and forth to the mouse.

    I guess a final reason this would be a good app is the fact that you don’t have to sit at your desk to do playback for those listening parties or something. Kick back from wherever you are, and use the iPhone to control it.

    And besides all that, I think it’s pretty cool, BUT…. I don’t justify paying $150 on this app. I understand that it may have taken a long time and the talent, but it’s software. It’ll die off after a few months when maybe some company comes up with a WiFi enabled or wireless Digi control deck ya??

    Ok, those are my 2 cents, now I must continue my search.

    God fu**ing speed.


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