New Synth DIY Sequencer Project

The Electro-Music forum has the scoop on a new synth DIY sequencer project, the Roland 100m.

It has step repeat switches:- [1-8] and gate mode switches:-
[off/single/repeat/long] for each stage, plus random & pingpong mode.

It is based around a PIC, so is software update-able.

RYK explains:

I was inspired by watching a Youtube clip of the excellent
YMO in the studio circa 1979, where they demonstrated
the Moog sequencer on their track Rydeen.
Which used the step repeat function.

I went to China last year, and found some pretty obscure
8way switches, so I thought this would be a good use for them.

8 pitch steps can, if used carefully, make
pretty good 4 bar bass lines, by changing the length between
notes, and repeating some notes.

I was too lazy to use a decoder, so the PIC outputs BCD, which
is quite a waste of IO pins, but it keeps the board size small [no decoder chips]
It does have a random step mode, if that’s what you mean.

I keep wanting to add more features, but end up with having
to use “soft-selection” for modes, rather than nice big switches, which
is a shame . . .

More info:

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