Amazing DIY Controller For Ableton Live

D.St-Amand has created some very cool looking designs for DIY MIDI controllers and is documenting his designs and work building them on Flickr.

“I think that this is my very best channel layout! No wire, no front panel screw. Only one PCB will be made for the number of channel required, 2, 4 , 6 or 8 channels. Every control are leds illuminated. The enclosure total thickness is ~16 mm !! (knobs not included).

The ledrings use single color leds and when all the leds are turned off, they are white. Buttons use dual color leds that generates 3 colors; red, green and orange.

The encoder ledrings adaptor is made of anodized aluminum.”

Check out the link above to see a more designs and some build pictures for his prototype.

via Hackaday

One thought on “Amazing DIY Controller For Ableton Live

  1. cool design, but you neglected to include an X-Y controller for Ableton’s yellow effects circle. This is a feature that always seems to be missing on most controllers geared for Ableton. It is necessary in order to get the full benefit of Ableton’s capabilities.

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