Bob Moog Foundation Updates

The Bob Moog Foundation is celebrating its second anniversary and is highlighting their recent accomplishments:

  • The Bob Moog Foundation hosted the first ever Moogfest Symposium with a panel of pioneering synthesists.
  • The Foundation now has music available for download on its MySpace page. Many of the tracks come from the Mooged-Out: Asheville CD. The Mooged-Out CD is available as a gift with a $25.00 donation made here.
  • They’ve also updated their MySpace page with an original all-Moog composition by Erik Norlander. Erik’s track The Princely Hours is a tribute to the Moog sound. Erik used five Moog instruments in the making of this piece: his massive 1967 modular Moog, Minimoog Model D, Taurus pedals, Moog Rogue and Minmoog Voyager. Note: Erik Norlander’s synth is bigger than yours.
  • The Caring Bridge site that Bob’s family established for him in the summer of 2005 has now topped 300,000 visitors.
  • The Foundation held its first fundraising event, Enter the Mind of Moog. Almost 500 people packed the Orange Peel and immersed themselves in Moog instruments and Moog history and a live “Mooged-out” recording session .
  • The Bob Moog Foundation celebrated Bob’s birthday with the release of Amin Bhatia’s Bolero Electronica, which is a celebration of synthesizer evolution. Amin dedicated the album to Bob and released it on Bob’s birthday.
  • The Foundation launched its YouTube channel. The channel features friends, family, colleagues, musicians and music-lovers reflecting on the impact Bob had on their lives, and on the world of music.

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