Amazing Looping Work From Priscilla Ahn

We highlight a lot of whacked out electronic music videos at Synthtopia – but this delicate and subtle performance from Priscilla Ahn is, in many ways, even more amazing.

Check out how Ahn uses a looper to create a dense, structured loop performance, while also making the technology completely transparent to the audience.

“I put Priscilla up in an empty apartment with a microphone, loop station, and her guitar,” explains video director Jeremy Montana Lundborg. “She’d invited some friends and a few fans from her show the night before to be a part of this private concert. Most of them came in pairs, talking about their favorite music and the last bad movie they’d seen. The rest of the fans were alone and stood quietly as Priscilla and I decided on the play list. Like some sort of instinct, she began playing for the crowd stuffed into the room as I set up the camera. She continued to sing as I turned the camera onto her, stepping out from the fringes.”

Let me know what you think.

La Blogotheque’s The Take Away Shows, via Podcasting News

8 thoughts on “Amazing Looping Work From Priscilla Ahn

  1. Wow. Fantastic example of how technology can assist with someone who’s already an outstanding performer.

    Terrific idea, but it’s more than a gimmick – it’s a beautiful, beautiful piece of music. _Nice_. 🙂

  2. Let’s just say it, too. She’s a hottie with the tech.

    Nice change from the usual geeky guy noise videos that show up here.

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