Making A Drum Synth

Making A Drum Synth is a new blog that documents a DIY drum synth.

Philipp, the site’s creator, says:

I’m starting the blog which is dedicated to the development of an analog drum synthesizer.

Why still build a drum computer myself?

  • First: building an instrument is fun, and, once finished, a deeply satisfying experience.
  • Second: There are almost no drum computer diy projects on the web. With this project i hope some give something back to the synth diy community of which i benefitted a lot during my first synth diy projects. I will post some information on these later on.
  • Third: A self-built instrument is very easy to use is the since you built it the way you want to have it.

Looks like an interesting site for synth DIY’ers.

2 thoughts on “Making A Drum Synth

  1. This is awesome, thanks, I was looking for this everywhere, I am learning to build electronic synths and was looking for a drum synth that I could add on to another project I am working on…. as soon as Ifinish it I will try and post what I did. Thanks!

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