Remix And M-Audio Need To Get With That Internet Thing

Remix and M-Audio have announced a potentially interesting webinar on Producing Club-Ready Tracks – presumably with lots of M-Audio gear.

Unfortunately, to watch this “on-demand” webinar, you have to give them permission spam you, and let all their buddies spam you.

Check out the form you have to fill out to watch this webinar:

What you can’t see is the fine print. Here you go:

The participation of our sponsors in this webinar enables us to provide this event free of charge to you. Part of the value we are able to provide our sponsors is information they can use to more effectively market their products and services. Accordingly, by agreeing to register for this event, you agree that we may share your registration information with our sponsors. We do not permit these companies to use your personally identifiable information without your permission for any purpose other than to send you information about their own products and services.

Sorry, M-Audio and Remix – but people can come to Synthtopia, and Create Digital Music and Wire To The Ear and Sonic State and YouTube and Audio Cookbook and Sound On Sound and Livepa and get information about new gear and what people are doing with it.

I like Remix magazine and M-Audio makes some great gear – but nobody wants to watch your webinar and get spammed for life by you and your spam buddies.

It’s time to get with that Internet thing, don’t you think?

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