OSCulator Like Rosetta Stone Of Mac Music Software

Want to try controlling your music software with something new?

OSCulator may be the solution. It’s a Mac program that you can use to allow alternative controllers, like the Wiimote, to control MIDI sequencers, your favorite console emulator or Kyma sound design workstation.

Here’s a video demonstrating using the Wiimote in Kyma:

OSCulator is a free download.

New Features in 2.6:

  • French, Italian and Spanish translations
  • added the possibility to generate a single MIDI note
  • added a simple event logger system (use Console.app to see results)
  • preset management system (also preset changing from osc, and wiimote led follows preset #)
  • OSC routing editor: forge custom messages or change incoming OSC messages with a graphical editor
  • added support for two virtual HID joysticks
  • input lock: avoid to make any changes to the document when the lock is on
  • added preliminary support for the TUIO protocol
  • rewrote event triggering system
  • start and stop Wiimote discovery using OSC messages (send /osculator/discovery/start and /osculator/discovery/stop)
  • wii guitar hero controller preliminary support
  • added the ability to edit multiple lines at once
  • added the ability to “split” an input in two (from 0 to 0.5 and 0.5 to 1) in order to get two events from that range from 0 to 1. for example, you can use it with a joystick and assign an event for both directions of an axis.
  • added the ability to “demux” a message based on the value of an argument (useful for TUIO protocol and Iannix software)

You can read more about OSCulator creator Camille Troillard and the future of OSCulator in an article (pdf) written by Kenneth Stewart for the SEAMUS newsletter.

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