Sexy Computer Nerd’s MIDI Purse

Sexy computer nerd Rucyl Mills looks stunning in her fashion-forward outfit.

She’s ready for not just the dance floor, but to star on the stage with her Elektro-07 wearable MIDI controller.

It’s made of black leather and snakeskin, and features a tasteful collection of MIDI pads and continuous controller knobs.

Mills explains her bold fashion choice:

“I built the elektro-07 so I could control the sonic and visual parameters of my live performances without having to look deep into the eye of my laptop, hunched over in computer music stance. I’m still learning how to play it.”

“Software wise, it runs a maxMSP/Jitter patch smoothly, connected to my laptop by a long USB cable. Major thanks to Luke DuBois.”

“Originally it was named the Chakakhantroller after Chaka Khan… but you wouldn’t believe how many people don’t get the reference.. so I changed it to Elektro-07 after my newly launched label, Elektrocardio.”

Mills promises that the next version will be wireless.

Props to Mills for not just making a bold fashion statement, but for creating a cool alternative to hunching over laptops or bulky keytars.

Her site has a lot of other interesting projects on it that you’ll want to check out, too.

Here’s Mills’ video for her track, Sexy Computer Nerd. Meow!

Sexy Computer Nerd from elektrocardio on Vimeo.

Made with a MacBook iSight camera and maxMSP.

via CDM

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