Tanager AudioWorks Announces SongFrame Songwriter’s Toolkit Software

Tanager AudioWorks has announced the availability of SongFrame Songwriter’s Toolkit, a new Windows program that they call “the most comprehensive songwriting application available for songwriters and recording musicians”.

SongFrame is designed to provide expert help in developing interesting chord progressions, melodies, lyrics, rhythm, and overall song structure.

Songs are built with musical tools which focus on each aspect of the song. Chords, progressions, scales and rhythms can be auditioned and dragged onto tracks built specifically to hold this information.

An Audio Track provides fast capture of ideas, and a Lyric Track organizes the songwriter’s developed lyrics in a musical context. The user can listen to the song as it is being written, drag and drop new ideas, and create alternate versions of any portion.

When songwriting is finished, an export function creates audio and MIDI file data that can be imported into any DAW recording application, complete with the final versions of all chord, melody, rhythm and audio tracks. In addition, markers for every song section and chord change will appear in the DAW’s session file timeline.

SongFrame is available for $179.99 as a download or a packaged DVD?ROM, either from company’s webstore or a variety of music equipment retailers worldwide.

SongFrame currently runs on the Microsoft XP and Vista. 32-bit operation in Mac version is slated for release at the end of calendar 2008.

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