Latest Make Magazine Explores DIY Music

The latest issue of Make magazine, Make 15, looks like it will be a must-by for anyone interested in music DIY projects. 

Check the list of articles:


  • Bend It Like Bach by Karen K. Hansen in Maker – Tim Kaiser’s fabulously weird world of music. 
  • Solar-Powered Studio by Charles Platt in Maker
  • VoIPing the iPod Touch by Erica Sadun in Maker
  • Juke Box Zero by Jay Laney – The Guitar Zeros ?turn plastic and ?programming into ?real hard rock. 
  • 21st-Century Keytars by Owen Grace – Make your own ?music with ?Guitar Hero ?controllers.? 
  • Drumbot Activate! by Michael Una – This MIDI kit just wants to bang on the drum all day.? Page 60
  • Laser Harp by Stephen Hobley – Play strings of light, using laser pointers, rangefinders, photocells, and Arduino. 
  • The MoofTronic Mini Synth by Brian McNamara – New sounds? from a truly tiny ?instrument. 
  • Stomp Box Basics: Tremolo and Fuzz by Charles Platt – Simple guitar effects circuits you can build. 
  • Music at Maker Faire – Just a few of the wild and wonderful music acts at our Bay Area event. 
  • Electronic Drum Kit by Tom Zimmerman – Velocity-sensitive impact sensors in PVC pipes interface to a micro drum machine. 

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