New Site Bojam Like Wikipedia For Music

Bojam is a new site – not officially released yet – that tries to bring the open-source approach to music: 

Bojam is an online music collaboration service connecting musicians to mix, record, and collaborate to produce original or popular music.

Mass collaboration has been utilized in text (Wikipedia) and software (Firefox). Bojam does so with music, open-sourcing all aspects of the music creation process, including a wiki-style platform for adding song info, lyrics, and instrument tabs.

Our goal is to revolutionize the music creation process by harnessing the skill, enthusiasm, and creativity of the music community.

This video is from a TechCrunch50 intro to Bojam. I’ve put it after the jump because it’s set to autoplay (@#$#@!!!!)

Looks like it could be interesting – but watch out for the crap music examples…..

9 thoughts on “New Site Bojam Like Wikipedia For Music

  1. every time i visit this site, this video starts automatically. it’s pretty annoying when listening some music via headphones. could you do something about it? thanks 🙂

  2. Sorry, that was a bit too snarky.

    The problem with this is that it’s not really new. This has been tried many times before. Logic & Cubase have had versions for years. Music is still very personal and any multi-instrumentalist doesn’t need to look to tel aviv for a bassline.

  3. Wow I guess I’d better dump this PC that I made my first album on since of course no “musician” ever uses a PC. Thanks for getting me hip, there, Mr. Horowitz.

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