Freeware Mac Alesis Micron Editor

micronAU is an audio unit that lets you fully control and automate the Alesis Micron synthesizer.

This audio unit provides an interface through which the entire sound generation engine of the Mircon can be controlled in real time. In addition, all parameter settings are saved when the track/DAW hosting micronAU is saved.

When one reloads a track hosting mirconAU, the settings are restored, thus avoiding the “what patch did I use for this track” syndrome. Furthermore, if one’s DAW supports automation of plugin parameters, all of the Micron’s parameters can be automated and controlled by any of the DAW’s supported control surfaces.

micronAU is being distributed as donationware.

11 thoughts on “Freeware Mac Alesis Micron Editor

    1. No luck with the executable so far but I have located what looks like the C source code at so if you have or get one of the many free C compilers available you can build Micronau yourself. I’m curious as to where Retroware may have gone so I’ll continue looking for a bit. Even the torrent searches and sites don’t have a whisper of it. All mention of downloads are just links to the dead Verizon URL. I’m a Windows and Amiga user mainly although I have Apples for my OASYS-PCI and Kurzweil K150 (OS 9 and Apple IIgs respectively.) I do run OS X in VM but haven’t done anything with it.

    2. Also if you would like to try using a hardware programmer (like Novation Remote or Behringer BCR or BCF) I created a complete CC/NRPN database which is available from the Yahoo! Groups Micron users group. It’s basically the severely stunted chart from Alesis’s download area but completed (after weeks of analysis and testing) to about three times the original size and covers every code that the Micron can handle in complete detail. Go to to join the group and access the file area.

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