Electric Western Moves To New Mexico

Electric Western – a new company making an all-tube synth – has moved to New Mexico:

They haven’t updated their site much during the move, but here’s an update on the upcoming Phantastron:

All the parts for the Phantastron release in October are in stock or on the way. I also have some spiffy mods, videos and pictures to add when that DSL line goes through.

If you’ve expressed an interest via email to Lorin, you’ll get first crack at the Phantastrons. However there are more than enough to go around.

The Electric Western Pueblo Post mailing list is now ready for circulation. Subscribers will receive email notifications of releases, specials and technical updates. More here http://www.electricwestern.com/lists/?p=subscribe&id=1

Also, A phantastron FAQ is on the way, as well as more formal information about the production kit model. Little has changed – except sturdier metal, better power supply (compatible with almost all countries), more extra turrets to create your own mods… etc. Otherwise it’s the same Phantastron.

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