Nord Introduces Stage EX Keyboards

Nord has introduced a new line of stage keyboards, the Nord Stage EX.

The EX models have internal memory capacity extended from 128 to 256 MB. This allows users to add more pianos from the Nord Stage piano library, to bring an even greater selection of sounds to each and every performance.

The EX units will also have a new color scheme on the front panel. Another addition is present on the top panel of the Stage EX 88 and Stage EX 76, which now sports handy labels to indicate the function and location of the back panel connectors on its upper rim.

The Nord Stage EX is a Nord flagship family with stunning grand pianos, classic organ sounds, electric pianos, clavinet, synthesizer and a very comprehensive effects section. The Stage also has the capability to control external units with its MIDI master keyboard functionality. All in all, you have access to 6 separate sound sources available in layers or separated in splits across the keyboard, at any given time (2 organ settings, 2 pianos, 2 synthesizer sounds).

The family has three members with distinct individual characters. The Nord Stage EX 88 and the EX 76 feature a weighted keyboard that allows players to use their full expression capabilities. Even though these two models are equipped with a proper weighted keyboard mechanism with aftertouch, they still manage to weigh in at only 18,5 and 16,5 kg (41 & 36 lb). The Nord Stage EX Compact has 73 medium weighted waterfall keys (also with aftertouch), which results in an extremely portable — at a mere 9.7 kg (21 lb) — as well as a very playable instrument.

via Harmony-Central

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