IK Multimedia Shipping StompIO Accessories

IK Multimedia has announced the release of a new range of accessories for StompIO, IK’s custom pedalboard and amp rig.

The new GPU Stage case is a rugged metal enclosure designed to fit a Mini PC or Mac Mini, allowing users to gig live with a mini computer onstage directly next to StompIO.

StompIO is designed to replace a computer’s mouse, monitor and keyboard by employing a mini computer that boots up directly to AmpliTube X-GEAR. This allows guitarists and bassists to gig with an extremely simple, tough, and portable rig — with all the capabilities and tones of a custom pedalboard and amp rig, but none of the hassles.

IK has also introduced a new double switch pedal, for taking advantage of StompIO’s 6 expansion inputs, in addition to the expression pedal already available.

The StompIO gig bag is for carrying StompIO and its accessories around. 

For the touring professional, the StompIO Tour Rack provides a 14ru rolling rack case and 17″ rack mount LCD screen, giving you plenty of room for a rackmount computer, power amplifier, and other rackmount gear. 


  • GPU Stage Case $129.99
  • Expression pedal $79.99
  • Double switch $79.99
  • Gig Bag $99.99
  • StompIO Tour Rack Price not announced

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