SFX Collective for Akai MPC Samplers

MPC-Samples.com has released the SFX Collective – a samplepack containing 405 weird and brooding sound effect samples and noises. 


  • Blips & Beeps: Weird and wonderful electronic noises & pulses
  • Hits & Explosions: Thunderous, crashing atmospheres and textures
  • Guns: Gun shots, rifles recoils, silencers and arming sounds
  • Perverse Reverse: Great for building tension; disturbing and brooding reversed and mangled samples
  • Just Weird: These sounds just cannot be categorized — madness, weirdness and just plain ‘out there’.
  • Rumbles & Drones: Moody and dark soundscapes
  • Punches & Slams: People getting hit, slapped and generally messed up

Product Specifications:

  • Samples: 405 Sound Effect Samples
  • Format: Contains either SND or WAV versions of all sounds (16 bit) + PGMs for loading into all MPCs
  • Compatibility: All models of Akai MPC and any software that reads WAV files
  • Download Size: 68MB
  • Delivery: Download instantly after purchase

This product is priced at $49.99 and is available as a digital download.

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