An Introduction To Visual Space Music

I’ve written several times before (tripping the universe, 3d acoustic rendering, interactive 3d holograms) about virtual music worlds – generative 3D ambient worlds, where your exploration and interaction changes the music you hear. 

Visual Space Music is an example of that futuristic music experience I’ve been talking about.

It’s “a musical instrument, a unique space-based arrangement tool, a surround sound spatial mixer, a real-time 3D visualizer. More importantly however, it is the combination of these things; a surreal experience in an electronic world.”

Here are the details.


Basic Play

Using a joystick and knob/fader based midi controller, the user navigates through the virtual space, while moving knobs manipulates each synthesis object, controlling how the object sounds and looks in realtime.

Movement in the space can both affect the arrangement of a composition (using space instead of traditional time-based methods) and also the surround mix. The object sounds project from the direction they are in, manipulated by the user’s exploration of the space.


About VSM

Visual Space Music (VSM) is a project by Ian McKinlay (AKA mememamo), originally created as a final thesis project for the 2008 MFACM (Master of Fine Arts in Creative Media) at City University of Hong Kong. VSM is an ongoing development and new features and tweaks continue to be made.

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