7 thoughts on “Testing The Presets On The Dave Smith Mopho

  1. cripes i wish they put that LCD on the MED.

    this is a neat little machine. prolly have to pick one up some day soon (although once again the factory DSI presets are pretty sad).

  2. that little synth has some potential, but yeah, like the first comment said, those are some really cheesy, *lame* preset sounds, haha!

  3. I own the PEK and Love it. Anything DSI makes is top notch!
    As for presets…. I delete them ALL when I get a new box. Simple.
    Rock on DSI!!!!

  4. Interesting box. Sounds best so far as an alternative to Moog’s Taurus Bass Pedals (which fetch $3000 mint). Note the Tom Sawyer patch.
    One thing that bugs me: pseudo-synth pros always say “I delete all the patches” ALL THE PATCHES? BS! I’ve been playing with synths since the mid 90s and no doubt many patches need to be overwritten, but to make an original, quality, unique patch takes me many hours. I’m here to make music, not overwrite patches. Stop the lies.

  5. Does this reach that far beyond a Juno-106? Sounds a lot like it to me, although ultimately cleaner and more reliable of course. I know this has got much more capability, but I’m just wondering if it is different enough to be worth it.

  6. I have just started messing around with it and Bunker 8 Digital Labs is VERY fussy about new outboard gear that is not a plugin. This thing sounds great PERIOD and is dead simple to use and setup. Everyone who is into synths should have one.

    I used to own a sequential circuits six trak and this device took me back. In a good way…

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