Fatboy Slim – You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

Fatboy Slim has announced that he will be releasing a 10th anniversary version of his release, You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

Can it have been 10 years already?

Disc 1 is a rerelease of the original release, while Disc 2 is a bonus disk with tracks from Blade 2, Moulin Rouge and even a Kraftwerk cover. 

Sounds like fun.

CD 1
01. Right Here, Right Now
02. The Rockafeller Skank
03. Fucking in Heaven
04. Gangster Tripping
05. Build It Up – Tear It Down
06. Kalifornia
07. Soul Surfing
08. You’re Not from Brighton
09. Praise You
10. Love Island
11. Acid 8000

CD 2
01. Cowboy
02. Radioactivity 
03. Because We Can 
04. Always Read the Label
05. Tweakers Delight 
06. The World Went Down
07. Jack It Up (DJ Delite) 
08. Don’t Forget Your Teeth
09. Praise You (Original Version) 
10. Lounge Island

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