Pro Tools 8 Overview

This video introduces the new user interface of Pro Tools 8 and provides a brief overview of the Pro Tool’s new features. 

Digidesign has introduced Pro Tools 8 — advanced audio creation and production software, featuring:

  • a new interface;
  • dozens of new plug-ins;
  • five new virtual instruments;
  • new scoring, MIDI, editing, and mixing capabilities;
  • deeper controller integration; and
  • improved ease of installation and use; and enhanced performance.

Pro Tools 8 is coming soon for Pro Tools|HD, Pro Tools LE, and Pro Tools M-Powered systems.

Here’s what’s new.

12 thoughts on “Pro Tools 8 Overview

  1. What I’d really like to know about is performance? how will it run on my mac? will it run smoother? or will all the new features be heavier on the mac I have now (G5, dual 2.0, 3 gigs of ram) or will it mae me have to get a new mac to run it? especially the guitar plug in if Im recording thru it real time and want to use distortion while I’m tracking? will the virtual instruments perform better than rtas do now? they dont run the great on my mac now, which shouldnt be the case because logic run great when it comes to virtual instruments.

  2. Strizbiz-

    This is straight from

    Pro Tools 8 Compatibility Information
    Pro Tools 8.0 supports the same Pro Tools systems supported with Pro Tools 7.4 for Windows Vista and XP; and Pro Tools 7.4.2 for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).

    Pro Tools 8 Operating System Requirements
    Mac OS X 10.5.5 (Leopard)
    Windows XP Home and Professional with XP Service Pack 3
    Windows Vista (32-bit) Ultimate and Business with Vista Service Pack 1
    Pro Tools 8 adds support for Pro Tools|HD systems on Vista, as well as previously supported Pro Tools LE and M-Powered systems
    Not Compatible with Pro Tools 8
    Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)
    Windows 64-bit OS

    Pro Tools 8 RAM Requirements
    Pro Tools 8 has the same RAM requirements as Pro Tools 7.4:
    1GB Total System RAM minimum required, 2GB or more recommended
    2.5GB Total System RAM minimum required for maximum track count with:
    Pro Tools HD
    Pro Tools LE with optional Music Production Toolkit 2, DV Toolkit 2, or Complete Production Toolkit
    Pro Tools M-Powered with optional Music Production Toolkit 2

    So as long as you’re running 10.5.5 you meet the system requirements.
    RTAS is still the native plug-in format so I don’t think you’ll see much difference in performance, you might try adjusting your buffer settings, etc.

  3. i just purchased the imac with mac os x 10.5.5 and also the mbox 2 which came with 7.4.2. i downloaded the pt8.0 version.when i try to install it i get an error saying ithat i dont have the required os for the installation. ive been going thru this bs for 4 days now(pc or mac) so i went mac and im still having trouble! 7.4.2 works fine but not 8.0.any help would be appreciated!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I had the same problem; you just have to go to update to 10.5.6; it’s free. Go to your apple icon in the menu bar and click on “software update.”

  5. hey, could use advise from the experienced. Need to buy a new computer and want to change over to software recording platform from tascam 8 track. simple home recording..want the least amount of hassles to take away from creative process. What is the computer of choice Mac (type?) or Pc for use with pro tools 8?
    Obviously going the mac route is more money but if it really adds a huge ease and getting the new mac pro is they only computer i will need for the next 10 years of my hobby… i will sink the bucks
    thanks for the help!! frustrated and confused. (do not know mac only pc)

  6. kris….I may be biased here…I used to build PCs, but now I am a Mac man. They say once you go MAC, you’ll never go back!! It’s the truth! Now, every computer has its share of issues, but I find far less in the Mac world as it pertains to creativity. And then also, the machines are still somewhat relevant years later unless you are into upgrading to every new available software, then in that case, you’ll have issues whether you go with PC or Mac.
    Hope this helps!!

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