Free DJ Software For Mac, PC, Linux

UltraMixer is a DJ mixing program which lets you mix music in MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, WAV or CDs formats.

UltraMixer claims to be the first DJ software in the world available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

There are three versions of UltraMixer available – a Free Edition and a Basic Edition for private users and the Professional Edition for high demands and commerical use. All versions are integrated in one program, and can be activated through the appropriate licence keys. This enables the user to switch to a more advanced version without any problems.

Note: the free version is fairly feature limited. There’s a feature comparison at the UltraMixer site.

4 thoughts on “Free DJ Software For Mac, PC, Linux

    1. Mixxx was very crash prone and incomplete and oddly enough around the time that Ultramixer was incomplete but ramping up fast, things started happening with Mixxx.

      I have been on and off Linux for some time, now where this is at still isn't ready for prime time. You should be able to buy cheap off the shelf USB sound cards like DJ/IO and it should work.

      Linux still has a way to go, hardware never works right or you have to use a card from seven years ago that people have finally figured out. Slamming together the gear is still much easier in windows due to device drivers.

      When Linux is ready to go, like a take out window, I suspect there will be a DJ in every house, literally. Till then debating which program was first really doesn't get anyone anywhere does it?

  1. Duncan –

    Thanks for bringing that up – I changed this to read that they claimed they were the first multi-platform app.

    Note that this is a version 2 release. I don’t know how the timelines of the two apps compare.

    We’ve covered Mixxx previously.

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