Build Your Own USB-MIDI Controller

The Hale Microsytems UMC32 is an OEM/DIY product designed to let you create custom user interfaces to control any software application that supports the MIDI protocol.

The UMC32 provides the essential core (micro controller, power supply, USB functionality) to let you implement your choice of control elements (example: switches, pots and or faders).  In short, the UMC32 will allow you to build  your own USB-MIDI controller.


  • Easy to implement with minimal effort and little or no electronics experience.
  • 32 analog and/or digital inputs provides MIDI note or continuous controller data to your host application.
  • Small printed circuit board (1.6” x 2.7”) allows creating portable end devices
  • Simple to configure for MIDI note or controller data output via onboard DIP switches
  • USB bus powered. A single USB cable handles power and data.
  • True plug-and-play (USB-MIDI class compliant drivers are provided by the operating system)
  • Mac OS X 10.5.x, Windows XP/2000 compatible (Windows Vista TBA).
  • No programming is necessary
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • 90 Day limited warranty
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
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9 thoughts on “Build Your Own USB-MIDI Controller

  1. This may be better than the Livid DIY USB controller because (a) it’s here now; and (b) it’s $75 compared to the sub$200 that Livid is aiming for. I might have to pick one of these up!

  2. Ya this is good, but if you get yourself a USB based game controller, like $3 at the local goodwill, you can do the same thing by using the pcb inside. Just solder in some buttons and knobs where the gamepad buttons are and map them using Bome;s on PC or Junxion on Mac and presto…your own custom MIDI controller.

    I’ve made tons of cheap creations using this method….it’s quite sold and it’s bus-powered!!!

    1. Hello, I’m trying to find some clear details of where to solder wires on a game pad controller. Can you offer some advise and help please

  3. I´m also thinking in how I´m going to build my own MIDI controller, and my problem is that I find that I need more inputs to make mine.

  4. (I didnt finish my message, the end was deleted, somehow)

    whats the best way of getting a lof of inputs to build a controller with lots of knobs, buttons and Leds if its possible.

    1. You can link two or more of the hale boards togther and a shift key doubles your buttons or knobs and I think they are much more easy to understand they ate helpfull on the halemicro blog I have sold many of these for them . They rule

  5. pelayo: The Livid USB-MIDI DIY has 48 LED outputs, 64 analog inputs, and literally hundreds of digital (button) inputs. Go to the Livid Instruments web site and look on their DIY page. I have one of these, and it does a lot more than the Hale, which is why it costs more.

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