KRK Systems Releases Limited Edition Yellow Rokit Studio Monitors

KRK Systems has introduced Limited Edition Rokit Studio Monitors.

I’ve got a pair of 5″ Rokits sitting on both sides of my work area and lover them – but these bright yellow ones would look and sound even sweeter. 

Available only in the 6-inch model and at Guitar Center’s in the U.S., the Rokit6 G2CB will feature a high-gloss yellow cabinet along with the traditional yellow Kevlar cone.

The Rokit6 G2CB will be built to the same specifications as the Rokit G2 . Recently, the Rokit was upgraded with curved design elements that help eliminate diffraction distortion caused by standard flat baffles. As with the Rokit G2, the CB will incorporate several technologies from the company’s flagship VXT and E8B lines, including the radically radiused edges along the front of the cabinet.

Additionally, the Rokit G2’s voicing was enhanced to provide even better mix clarity and precision. The end result is a harmonious yet accurate blend of low and high-frequency components that result in a more accurate speaker. 

The Special Edition Rokit Studio Monitors are available now at Guitar Center and have a MSRP of $299 per monitor.

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  1. KRK Rokits are great monitors – they aren’t in the same league with VXT or other more expensive monitors, but for the price they are hard to beat.

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