Paul McCartney’s New Album “Could Ruin My Whole Career”

Paul McCartney, with help from ex-Killing Joke member and The Orb co-producer Martin Glover plans to release a new album of music that, in his words, “could ruin my whole career.”

The release, Electronic Arguments, is his third release under his “ambient” guise as The Fireman

For the project, McCartney and Glover produced one track a day over the course of the last year. McCartney says that Youth encouraged him to improvise during recording, adding, “Having written so much over the years, when I’m improvising I think I can spot what works.”

It’s been fifteen years since the first Fireman release, 1993’s Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest. Both that release, and 1998’s more diverse follow up Rushes were most notable for McCartney’s involvement.

The new record will be the first time that Fireman tracks will feature a McCartney vocal.

“This could be the most embarrassing moment of my life,” said McCartney.

Here’s a free track from the release, Nothing Too Much, Just Out Of Sight:


The track sounds a lot more blues than the ambient dance of his earlier releases. 

McCartney explains:

“‘Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight’ is a phrase that an old friend of mine from back in the 60’s, a guy calledJimmy Scott, used to say down the clubs. He was actually the guy who originally said ‘Ob-la-dee ob-la-da’, and I made a song out of that.

“You’d say to him, ‘Too much, man’ and he’d say, ‘No,nothing too much just out of sight.’ So I grabbed that and suddenly you could see where it was heading and I followed that trail.”


  • 01. Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight
  • 02. Two Magpies
  • 03. Sing The Changes
  • 04. Travelling Light
  • 05. Highway
  • 06. Light from Your Lighthouse
  • 07. Sun Is Shining
  • 08. Dance ‘Til We’re High
  • 09. Lifelong Passion
  • 10. Is This Love?
  • 11. Lovers in a Dream
  • 12. Universal Here, Everlasting Now
  • 13. Don’t Stop Running

Electronic Arguments will be released on 17th November 2008 by One Little Indian.

via RA, preview via NME

4 thoughts on “Paul McCartney’s New Album “Could Ruin My Whole Career”

  1. About time Macca took a step in a different direction…. you can till hear it’s a Macca track underneath it all, despite going more for BB King than Little Richard these days…
    Also sounds like something John would have loved Paul to have done on the “white” album…
    I think I could warm to this 😉

  2. How about the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ tele-movie before that, Elaine?

    In retrospect, a great idea (sort of an extended film-clip with a theme tying it all together) but maybe not quite getting beyond the ‘home movie ad-libbed’ feel.

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