Audiotool Updates Adds Recording

HobNox has updated their Audiotool browser-based virtual studio so that you can now record electronic music right in your browser.

The Hobnox Audiotool update provides some new features like more robust audio signal processing, dynamically adding plugins and live recording.

Here is a detailed list of the new features:

Flashplayer 10 support

Adobe now provides a ew Sound API to stream audio to the sound card. Now, entirely processed in Flash, the audio latency is more satisfying and the output more stable. You simply get a better experience.

Live Recording

The tool will also now allow to record a live audio session to your harddrive: WYHIWYG (What you hear is what you get):

We transcoded a Vorbis Encoder (better quality than MP3) to Actionscript to shrink the filesize of the recorded audio in order for you to upload it into your user profile library. We can’t wait to hear what you guys will be producing and are really excited about this development. 

Plugin Shelf

At the bottom of the screen shot above, you will see a ‘Dock’-like shelf. With this you’ll have full control of the plugins you want to use. You’ll be able to drag & drop plugins into and from the shelf. You’ll only see the devices you want to use and not the full inital setup like before. 

New stomp-boxes

Hobnox has added some new effect devices, like Compressor, Gate, Phaser and a Slope (Filter unit) as well as a Merger and a Splitter.

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  1. Thanks guys. Really cool. Flash 10 actually was released by Adobe yesterday. Missed updating our blogpost with all the craziness going on, sorry about that. Thanks again for your support.

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