Richie Hawtin Rocks Love Parade 2008

Track list:

  1. Markantonio and Joseph Capriati – Molotov
  2. Planetary Assault Systems – Function 1
  3. Smith and Selway – Total Departure
  4. Leon and Greenbeam – Vakho Jaja (Delete mix)
  5. Bart Skils and Anton Pieete – Time For Grace
  6. Rio Padice – Gosh
  7. ID – ID
  8. Mory Kante – Yeke Yeke (afro acid mix)
Note: Vimeo says:
Sorry, “Richie Hawtin Live @ Loveparade 2008 (19.08.2008)”was deleted at Fri Oct 24 11:26:36 2008.
I tracked down a few other Richie Hawtin videos as a consolation prize, though:
Richie Hawtin In São Paulo
Richie Hawtin’s 2008  Setup
Richie Hawtin On DanceTrippin
Richie Hawtin Interview

3 thoughts on “Richie Hawtin Rocks Love Parade 2008

  1. Zettt – looks like the Vimeo copyright police ate the Love Parade video.

    I added a few other cool Hawtin videos as a consolation…..

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