Strange Fact: Bee Gees’ Disco Hit Key To Good CPR

Doctors are using the Bee Gees‘ classic dance hit Stayin’ Alive to help train people to do chest compression for CPR. 

In a small study from the University of Illinois medical school, doctors and students maintained close to the ideal number of CPR chest compressions per minute while listening to the disco hit from the 1977 movie Saturday Night Fever.

The American Heart Association recommends 100 chest compressions per minute, more than most people realize, study author Dr. David Matlock said Thursday. He found that Stayin’ Alive, which has a way of getting stuck in your head anyway, can help with that.

Dr. Matthew Gilbert, a 28-year-old medical resident, was among participants in the University of Illinois study this past spring. Gilbert said he was surprised the song worked as well as it did.

“I heard a rumor that Another One Bites the Dust works also, but it didn’t seem quite as appropriate,” Gilbert adds.

via CNN

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